With us you will sail very close to the huge ice cliffs, in the most beautiful moorings of the Chilean Patagonian Channels. Starting from Puerto Williams, the southernmost village in the world, we will sail in the Chilean Beagle Channel to the glaciers, and in the Wollaston archipelago to sail the mythical Cape Horn, from West to East. Every night we will be at anchor, in outstanding sights, where you will do fantastic treckings, in a landscape free from human footprints...

Cape Horn, 7 or 8 days for 250 miles: the circumnavigation 'easy' sailing bays and channels. In Puerto Williams, a Chilean village on the island of Navarino hosting the Micalvi Yacht Club - an absolute MUST, where meet the sailors and captains in transit in the area - you do the normal and rigid formality that the Chilean Navy wants to be able to ensure the safety of sailors. From here we analyze the meteorological window that allows to go down Wollaston archipelago, to the south of which is the Isla Hornos, crossing Bahia Nassau. In fact it is a bay, because the latest archipelago islands will protect the waters of the Pacific long wave, in fact it is the worst stretch because the route is precisely contrary to the southwest prevailing wind in the area, the cold front, which blows from the southwest in the southern hemisphere. It 'almost impossible, even in the former Whitbread boats and beautifully equipped, crossed from north to south in case of south-west wind. Therefore it expects to Puerto Toro (25 miles SE of Port Williams) improving and relaxing tasting 'centollas' (King Crab). The cold front usually does not last long and is followed by a window normally sufficient to achieve or Puerto Caleta Martial or Maxwell, about 60 miles from Puerto Toro, and 10 miles from the Cape. Especially the second of these bays provides a near hurricane proof, well below the hill and with different peaks to ground. From here, in favorable weather, you navigate to SE to round Cape Horn. The conditions to be expected in this segment are the most varied. It is not true that prevail storm conditions, which account for less than thirty percent in the summer (the windiest season), but it is rare that the wave is less than 2.5 meters. Quite normal, but also fun, find a west-south-west 30 knots, especially in the afternoon, with beautiful rides on wave 3, 3.5 meters and very confused sea (for the current and the proximity of the earth). Throughout navigating offshore for 4/6 hours and then is reached, grateful, Caleta Martial, or, in case of bad weather, it runs to Port Toro and the new Puerto Williams. The Chilean marine forecasts are very accurate and reliable. Summer is the windiest season, for the contiguity of the high season in South America and Antarctic pressures that force the depressions in a tight and quick passing, but the season is however that, since the cold and long winter night make it difficult to cruising in other months. In summer, at least, there is light for almost 20 hours. Of course if it blows, it blows and we do not move, and if you want somewhere to find out what happens with the storm wind this is the right place.

In Cape Horn and Fjords glaciers Darwin Cordillera expedition, 13 days for 450 miles, the first week is dedicated to the Cape Horn: we will sail around the Navarino Island, and then in the Wollaston Archipelago, waiting for a good weather forecast to sail the Cape Horn. During the second week, we will sail the Patagonian channels, visiting the most beautiful glaciers and moorings of the chilean channel (Darwin Range).

Sailing depart from Puerto Williams. If you wish that your landing is in Ushuaia we will offer you the free transfer from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams and back.






Cape Horn, 7 days

Day 1: Welcome, Puerto Williams

Day 2: Puerto Toro or Isla Lennox 

Day 3: Bahia Nassau - Caleta Martial or Puerto Maxwell 

Day 4/5: Cape Horn - Caleta Martial - Isla Lennox or Puerto Toro

Day 6/7: Back to Puerto Williams 


Cape Horn, Fjords and Glaciers Darwin Cordillera, 13 days

Day 1: Welcome, Puerto Williams

Day 2: Puerto Toro or Isla Lennox 

Day 3: Bahia Nassau - Puerto Maxwell 

Day 4/5: Cape Horn - Caleta Martial - Bahía Nassau - Isla Lennox or Puerto Toro

Day 6/7: Back to Puerto Williams - Beagle Channel

Day 8: Beagle Channel - Cove Olla, Glacier Holland

Day 9/10/11 Glaciers Italia and Romanche, Fjord and Glacier Pia or Garibaldi   

Day 12/13 Cove Ferrari - Puerto Williams


Fjords and Glaciers of Darwin Cordillera, included channel SW, from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean, 13 days

Day 1: Welcome, Puerto Williams

Day 2: Beagle Channel 

Day 3: Caleta Olla, trekking Glacier Holanda 

Day 4: Glaciers Italia and Romanche, Fjord Seno Pía 

Day 5: Glacier Pía, West or East arm

Day 6: Fjord and Glacier Garibaldi - Chair Island 

Day 7: Barro Merinos Channel - Arm SW - Cove Coloane 

Day 8: Trekking Glacier Coloane  

Day 9: Estero Fouque

Day 10: Yendagaia, Cove Ferrari

Day 11: Puerto Navarino

Day 12/13: Beagle Channel - Puerto Williams





Our sailing expeditions for sporting and recreational purpose are in remote areas so VelaallafinedelMondo Club deserves the right to alter and/or cancel part or the whole voyage due to bad weather, and/or political circumstances in the area of theexpedition, and/or any other reason beyond our control.











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We are not an agency, we not propose charter, we do not rent boats and we are not a tour-operator.

We're just sailors, sea lovers, lovers of freedom and life!

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